2022 Aspen Challenge: New Orleans Challenges

Camille Range

I challenge you to collaborate with your neighbors to use your community assets in creating a solution that improves the food landscape and promotes a culture of health in your community.

Beverly Wright

I challenge you to educate your peers about current events and policies that will have long-term impacts on the environment and to create a program that empowers your peers to take organized action against the climate crisis.

Taylor Parker

I challenge you to design a program that employs kindness interventions—both online and offline—in order to improve the collective mental health of our communities.

Marlon Peterson

I challenge you to design a community campaign and program that amplifies the existing strengths and beauty of New Orleans’ neighborhoods as a counternarrative to the historical spring and summer upticks of community violence.

Lona Edwards Hankins

I challenge you to design a solution that will address the mobility and transportation challenges for youth throughout the city of New Orleans.