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What do I need to do before attending the event on April 28, 2022?

All students and educators please be sure that you take the following steps before March 10:

  1. Complete your registration in the Innovation Lab and update all your profile fields.
  2. Students: Complete your media release, evaluation consent form, & your COVID testing consent form
  3. Coaches: Complete your media release.
  4. Students & Coaches: Most importantly, be sure to complete the ReturnSafe App with your vaccine information.  All students and educators will also be required to take a rapid antigen COVID 19 test prior to boarding the bus on March 10. All test kits were sent to your coach for distribution.  You must take the test within 24 hours of March 10, preferably the evening of March 9, and upload your negative results in Return Safe prior to boarding your bus at your school. For Return Safe App instructions, please click here.
  5. Complete Step 1 of the Playbook and submit in the Innovation Lab with your team by March 8.

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